Tuning and Maintenance

Gary TuningLiberty Organs Ltd pride themselves on a professional but personal approach to the churches and clients they work with and are sensitive towards the difficult financial situations that can sadly arise whilst working and maintaining these instruments.

With this in mind, we are able to offer a competitive price to meet your budget.

We are also now able to offer a monthly direct debit which covers the cost of the tunings in a year, and also can include up to two faults visits at no extra charge.

On a first visit, an inspection of the organ is carried out to get a feel for the condition of the instrument, and this is offered free of charge. This is followed up shortly by a more complete and detailed written report. Liberty Organs Ltd are able to offer regular maintenance and tuning schedules, or a one off visit to any instrument, and are able to manage a wide variety of pipe organs, ranging from small table organs through to the larger parish pipe organ.

Faults unfortunately strike at any time and vary in severitykey holding from minor issues such a cyphering note through to a complete breakdown. We make every effort to attend your fault before the next weekend and depending on the nature of the fault, can be fixed in one visit on site.