Overhaul and Restoration

The overhaul of an organ is required when the above cleaning process would deem unviable and this would usually be carried out around every 50 years. An overhaul process consists of
flooding the sounIMG_20110128_184249dboards and re-bushing and pinning of the action components. The bellows are removed if at all possible, inspected for any leaks and damage, and attention to the leather work carried out or re-leathered if required. Whilst an overhaul is taking place, this is the ideal time to take advantage of rebuilding, enlarging the organ, tonal alterations, adding or removing stops
, moving the current site of the organ or making the console a remote entity. Removal of any pipe work will be saved and kept safe within the organ should it ever want reinstating. With modern technology these possibilities are an easy modification, using solid state electrical systems and electrification of existing pneumatic action.